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Beginner's Guide

P2P, peer to peer, a fantastic technique to get video to thousands of viewers, simply and easy. You need to connect to a channel on a program, then it will start "buffering" , which means uploading/downloading untill the stream is good enough to watch. Below we will explain easily how it works. So far all programs do work fine on Windows, and some also work for Mac OSX / Apple / Linux . Check out the forum for more help and info.

Short guide

First point: It's all free... And to make it short: We give links to external P2P and flash channels. On the Live Sports page you will find all Now Playing Sports events and you can select a category to see the upcoming matches. It's easy, and that's what we want for you!
As you can see, channels get available 5 hours before the start of this live event. You will find then links and you will see for which program it is. To watch the channel on a program, you need to have those programs installed. You can find them under the Software tab section. Install the program, go to the matchpage and select a channel with a link on that program. This is how it works, pretty easy and if you've installed most programs you can choose many channels and links. Keep in mind that most flash/mediaplayer links require more refreshing and do buffer more (but they dont require anything to install), so software links like sopcast are often more stable. Also never click strange advertisements, only install things from our guides if you want to be safe. Not sure? Ask us!

Read further for an extended guide, which will make it easier to understand:

How Does it work?

Our site is build in an easy way; Home part, with all general info needed. Live TV, to watch general internet tv channels. Live Sports, to see all Live sports you need, Software, to download specific p2p software for live Sports and a Search option to search for anything on our Live Sports.
On the Live Sports pages you can click a category, for example Football. Click it, you will now see alot of matches coming up. Each one has a LIVE at the end. Click on it. You can also click on the match itself to go to the page with all links to the streams. Then you get to see alot of links. They're sorted:

* Channelname
* Software (the required software for this channel link. On our software page you will find all the software. So when it says SOPCAST then you will need to download and install Sopcast. Then when you click the link it will load the specific channel and your event. All software is free!!!)
Link (Click Play now to go to the page with the stream)
* Bitrate (higher bitrate means better picture quality)
* Date, Starttime and Endtime of the channel listed.

Start with downloading some of the Programs

We hope you have got a better overview now of how it works. The Second most important step is to download the P2P programs. As you've seen on a Live sports page, it's necessary to have some of the P2P programs to load the specific links.

Then, go to for example the Sopcast software Page . You can see then when we updated it, the info on the program itself , everything is explained there. Follow the guide of it, and install the program. Well done, you got the first program on your PC now.

How to start a channel for a Match

Get back to the Live Sports page. Click a match or event (live). You will see channels and links. If the software says Sopcast then you can click the link behind it. Sopcast will start up itself, the channel will start buffering and after a while you get the view of the channel. The same it works with all the other Software listed. Easy, isn't it? We SUGGEST you to tune in 30 min before  match, especially with big important matches. This isn't possible for all matches, but for all top games you need to or you get problems.

So get ready to our Software page! ( http://www.wiziwig.tv/software.php?part=software )
For most matches there are many channels showing a match. Sometimes there are only links for 1 specific program, so make sure you download more programs. We recommend Sopcast, Streamtorrent, Veetle and Acestream. Then you can view most matches, but just check the Match page; there you can see which channels are showing it and on which programs. You can easily see what to download to see a match.

What's the rating for?

The rating we give shows you if the channel is online (so if it works) and how good it works. Based on the chanellist info of the flash/p2p programs. If a channel has 0 or 1* then it's offline at the specific moment. We update the rating when needed.

What you also need to have installed

* Windows MediaPlayer 10 or higher
Download : http://www.wiziwig.tv/softwareitem.php?softwareid=10&part=software

* RealPlayer
Download : http://www.wiziwig.tv/softwareitem.php?softwareid=11&part=software

* Videolan (VLC)
Download : http://www.wiziwig.tv/softwareitem.php?softwareid=12&part=software

* Ad-blocking software in case you don't want advertisements
See: http://forum.wiziwig.eu/threads/70815-Free-Ad-Blockers

And last but not least: Enjoy!!!